Keir Starmer
Keir StarmerReuters

The British Labour Party, which has been accused of anti-Semitism many times in recent years, is investigating another anti-Semitic statement by one of its senior representatives.

Lucy Craig, the party's representative in the Wood-Green and Hornsey counties, condemned Israel's conduct during Operation Guardian of the Walls.

During a session of the local parliament, Craig was asked to speak about the proposal she submitted on behalf of one of the members of parliament. One of the people present described the following: "Lucy Craig spoke about Israel abusing another people and added that, 'If the Israelis behave in this way, the Jews probably did not understand the message of the Holocaust.'"

She added that in her opinion, "Israel is the one that created the need for Hamas and made it reach its current dimensions."

A Jewish source in the party who became acquainted with the incident alerted party leader Kier Starmer, who ordered an immediate opening of the investigation.