Kenigsberg's‏‏ children
Kenigsberg's‏‏ childrenצילום: Vaad HaRabbanim

Living in Israel can be challenging. But for one family, it’s been driving them over the edge.

The Kenigsbergs reside in Beit Shemesh, and they have eight children. Like most large families in the area, their finances are considerably tight. But several months ago, it got to the point that they had to downsize from a four-bedroom apartment into a two-bedroom apartment in order to have money for food.

“That means that we have 8 children sleeping in one room,” says Chani, mother of the eight children.

“None of them sleep in their own bed- there is simply no space. Some, including our three-year-old, sleep on the floor.“

Though many of our readers may be horrified at the thought of living with so many children in such a small space, for the Kenigsbergs, it’s simply their reality.

‘I start every month with fear, terrified how we will take care of our kids this month. How we will feed them. What we will do if the credit card is declined again.“ she explains.

The poverty in which some Jewish families face in today’s age is horrifying. But thankfully, for the Kenigsbergs, there is hope. Mrs. Kenigsberg has opened a crowdfunding page with the hope that people will notice how much they are struggling-- And hopefully, help them out.

“Seeing my kids suffer like this just breaks my heart. I turn to you and beg. Please, help us, for their sake. I have tried everything at this point and we are truly, truly stuck. They are so little, and already suffered so much in life. Please, help them have food, a warm bed to sleep in at night, and a functional childhood and home. They are only kids.”