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A new survey by Israel Hayom uncovered the ease with which people who have not been tested for coronavirus can board a plane.

According to Israel Hayom, test results can be purchased for 100-600 shekels per result, and "no one will get caught - the systems in Israel are not synchronized and the fact is that it works perfectly."

Currently, all those entering Israel must present a negative COVID-19 test result, from a test conducted within 72 hours of the person's arrival in Israel, if they spent more than 72 hours outside Israel. In addition, many countries require Israelis to present a negative coronavirus test when entering their borders.

Meanwhile, on various Telegram groups, some of which number over 200,000 members, users are offering falsified coronavirus tests. While a test itself costs between 50-70 euro ($59-$83), the fake documents cost between 100-600 NIS ($30-$184).

At the same time, one person, "shelby," told his customers to avoid a certain other vendor, who is known for disappearing immediately after receiving payment.

Another seller told Israel Hayom: "I sell Green Passes too, if you want, as well as confirmation of serology, and coronavirus tests for leaving and entering Israel. No one has been caught until now and there's no chance it'll happen, the systems in Israel are not synchornized and they barely check. And the proof is, it's all gone smoothly."

Speaking with him, the Israel Hayom journalist was offered test results in exchange for 300 shekels, and was told that he should do the transfer via virtual currency. The journalist purchased the test result, and a few hours later received a certificate "proving" that he had undergone a coronavirus tests in Hungary, prior to his arrival in Israel. This, of course, was not true.

The main risk in selling fake coronavirus test results, the site emphasized, is that those who contracted coronavirus abroad will be able to bard a plane to Israel and enter the country unhindered. Although everyone performs a coronavirus test upon entering Israel, results can take up to 48 hours to arrive, and during this time, most people are able to walk around Israel as they wish.

The site added that their journalists purchased the tests, and found it very difficult to differentiate between the purchased tests and a original test.

"The coronavirus tests are very easy to fake, and with thpe forms that we received...the only thing on the document was a doctor's signature," they said. "It's just a notice that the patient is negative for coronavirus, and that' s it. So it's very easy to forge these forms, and all the forgers need to do is change the name and date from previous tests, and those checking at the airport have almost no way of knowing that it's a bluff."