Qatari financial aid to Gaza
Qatari financial aid to GazaFlash 90

The Bennett-Lapid government is planning to put an end to the phenomenon whereby Qatar's monthly grants to the Gaza Strip enter the coastal enclave in the form of suitcases full of cash, Channel 12 News reported on Friday.

According to the report, the existing procedure will be replaced with a mechanism for transferring the money through a UN fund, which will make it possible to monitor where the money goes to.

A UN-funded transfer mechanism will allow the funds to be transferred for projects where the money can be monitored.

Qatar has been heavily invested in the Gaza Strip in recent years, funding welfare payments to the enclave with Israel’s blessing.

The most recent $10 million grant from Qatar entered Gaza at the start of May, before the most recent round of fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Israel permitting the transfer of the funds to Gaza has been met with criticism, due to concerns that Gaza’s Hamas terrorist rulers will pocket the money and then use it for terror purposes.

Following Operation Guardian of the Walls, it was reported that Israel plans to reevaluate the way in which the Qatari money enters Gaza in order to ensure that the funds go to the needy population of the Strip and not into the hands of Hamas.

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