Scene of Tapuah junction attack
Scene of Tapuah junction attackFlash 90

The President of the Supreme Court, Justice Esther Hayut, on Wednesday evening rejected another attempt by the HaMoked organization to stop the demolition of the home of the terrorist who murdered Yehuda Guetta in the shooting attack at Tapuah Junction.

HaMoked, together with the terrorist's family, had submitted a request for another hearing, in which they requested that the Supreme Court hold delay the demolition of the home.

The petition was rejected outright.

Advocate Haim Bleicher of the Honenu organization, which is advising the victims of the attack, said, "The Supreme Court did well to immediately reject HaMoked's repeated attempt to sabotage the IDF's deterrent activity against Islamic terrorism."

"Every terrorist must know that his actions against the citizens of Israel will lead to the destruction of his home," Bleicher concluded.

An announcement about the IDF's intention to demolish the home where the terrorist, Muntasser Shalbi, resided was delivered to his family in late May.

Shalbi, 44, a resident of the village of Turmus Aya in the Ramallah area with no organizational affiliation, was arrested three days after the attack in a building in which he was hiding in the village of Silwad.