Another kosher Montreal eatery has been the victim of an arson attack.

For the second time in June, a Jewish business in the St. Laurent neighbourhood has been targeted.

On Monday, at approximately 1:40 a.m. in the St. Louis shopping centre – where earlier in the month kosher restaurant Chez Benny Express was attacked in an apparent anti-Semitic hate crime – the Montreal Kosher Bakery had a window broken and firefighters discovered a “source of heat” described as an incendiary device had been thrown inside, reported CTV News.

A small fire began in the bakery but was put out immediately after firefighters arrived, according to The Suburban newspaper.

"We are appalled to see Montreal Kosher Bakery, an important business in our community, become the latest victim of a potential hate crime," tweeted B'nai Brith Canada. "We will continue to stay in touch with the police on this matter and encourage everyone to stay vigilant."

According to police spokesperson Jean-Pierre Brabant, the damage to the bakery included only the broken window.

Investigators are currently searching for whoever was responsible.

He also said that the Chez Benny incident is no longer being investigated as a hate crime but as an arson due to the lack of anti-Semitic messages left at the scene, despite both kosher restaurants being in close proximity to each other, and no other restaurants in the area being attacked.

“This one we are looking at is still arson because nothing leads to say it is a hate crime, no graffiti or anything that mentions hate against Jewish people," he said.

The night of June 13, unknown assailants shattered the front door of Chez Benny with a rock, then attempt to light a fire, which failed to catch due to a lack of flammable material. There was no evidence of any attempt to take money or valuables from the restaurant. No one was in the restaurant at the time of the incident.

The incident was initially treated by Montreal police as a potential hate crime.