Carmel Mauda in court
Carmel Mauda in courtEsti Dazyobov, TPS

Or Yahya, the daycare assistant who exposed the abuse by daycare operator Carmel Mauda, worked for over two weeks with Mauda at the "Baby Love" center in Rosh Ha'ayin. During that time, she was exposed to severe instances of child abuse, and she recorded Mauda, went to the police, told the investigators what was happening, and even reported that the daycare had closed-circuit cameras which recorded the events.

The investigators found the horrific footage, and Yahya testified in Mauda's trial, helping the judges convict her. She also testified in the trial of daycare assistant Liraz Natan, who was also convicted.

Israel Hayom discovered that despite her report of the abuse at the daycare center and her testimonies in court, the Prosecutor's Office ordered the police to interrogate Yahya under warning, on suspicion that she was guilty of not reporting. Recently, the case against her was closed, but not due to lack of guilt, which would have allowed her to request its erasure. Instead, the case against Yahya was closed due to lack of public interest, leaving her with a criminal record which may influence her job prospects in the future, certainly if she wishes to work with children.

A source in the law enforcement system told Israel Hayom: "They did a great injustice to her. She was the one who exposed the saga and the Prosecutor's Office decided that she should be interrogated as a suspect. She broke out in tears when she heard that the case against her hadn't been closed due to lack of guilt."

"On the one hand the Prosecutor's Office used her in order to convict Mauda and the assistant. On the other hand they treat her like a criminal. They used her and tossed her out."

Judge Ami Kovo said: "The witness arrived at the police station the day afterwards."

Mauda is expected to be sentenced in a week and a half, and she is expected to serve at least a few years in prison, Israel Hayom noted.