back to wearing masks
back to wearing masksISTOCK

Coronavirus Czar Prof. Nachman Ash this evening (Thursday) briefed reporters following the rise in morbidity and called on the public to wear masks.

Ash said: "We are close to returning to the obligation to wear masks in closed spaces, I recommend doing so now."

"The outbreak, which began at Binyamina and Modi'in, is spreading to other places - Kfar Saba, Ramla and Herzliya and other cities. The task of all of us is to control the outbreak and reduce the morbidity to a minimum. It doesn't matter if you've been vaccinated or not," he said.

123 new coronavirus cases had been diagnosed as of 5 PM today. "The maintaining of isolation is due to our Achilles heel. The isolation violators are a problem for all of us. This is the way the disease is spreading now and how variants are entering the country."

According to Prof. Ash: '' The duty of isolation must be something we are all aware of. If a child is abroad and comes to school the next day, it's not right. And everyone should tell him and his parents."

Yesterday, 138 Israelis were diagnosed with the coronavirus, the highest daily total since April. The locality with the largest number of patients, 122, is Binyamina, where a large outbreak occurred at a school after a family returned from abroad.

The "Maccabi" HMO reported today (Thursday) that all Maccabi members who have been fully vaccinated and have tested positive for the coronavirus in recent days report that they do not suffer from symptoms.