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Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed on an exchange deal for coronavirus vaccines:

Pursuant to the recommendation of the relevant bodies, following staff work and after all necessary permits have been received, an agreement was reached today (Friday, 18 June 2021), according to which the State of Israel will transfer to the Palestinian Authority (PA) between 1 million and 1.4 million doses of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine presently in stock in Israel.

The vaccine doses due to be transferred to the PA will expire soon.

In exchange for the vaccines to be transferred to the PA, Israel will receive an identical quantity of new vaccine doses from Pfizer during September and October 2021, in place of the consignment earmarked for the PA.

The arrangement was approved in light of the fact that Israel has a sufficient quantity of vaccines to meet all of its current needs.

The Palestinian Authority claims that it refused Israel's precondition not to transfer vaccines to Gaza.

"We refused to meet the conditions set for us, and we will transfer some of the vaccines to Gaza nonetheless," the PA stated.