Rabbi David Stav
Rabbi David StavArutz Sheva

Rabbi David Stav, chairman of the Tzohar rabbinical organization, spoke to Arutz Sheva Thursday to discuss the beginning of Naftali Bennett's term as Prime Minister.

"We had excellent connections with the previous government and the previous prime minister and never tied ourselves to a particular party. But I think on a principled level, to see a prime minister who keeps Torah and the commandments is something that should fill every Jew with pride on the issue of Judaism in Israel," Rabbi Stav said.

"The fact is there will be a prime minister who is interested in Shabbat, kosher and putting on tefillin - I think it is an exemplary symbol and sign for the people of Israel and the people of the world. There is a political debate and we do not take part in it, whether he is the right driver or not the right driver, Tzohar is not a political organization but an organization that is connected to the whole of Israeli society, to all Israel and world Jewry and we have no reason to interfere in the political debate. But are we proud that there is a prime minister who observes Torah and the commandments? Certainly," he said.