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Hizma. Archive imageצילום: חזקי ע

One person was wounded Wednesday morning on the outskirts of Jerusalem in a terrorist attack.

The incident occurred just outside of the Hizma checkpoint at the northern entrance to Jerusalem, on Route 60, when a female terrorist carried out a combination ramming and stabbing attack against Israeli security personnel.

After driving to the scene, the terrorist attempted to run down several IDF soldiers. Afterwards, the terrorist exited her vehicle and tried to stab the soldiers.

The Israeli soldiers opened fire on the terrorist, eliminating her.

One IDF soldier was lightly wounded in the attack.

"A soldier was very lightly wounded in his limbs in a ramming attack next to Hizma," the emergency response group Rescuers Without Borders said, after initially reporting there were no injuries among the Israeli security forces.

"The female terrorist who left her car with a knife and tried to continue the terror attack by stabbing was shot and now we've declared her dead."