Israir plane (illustrative)
Israir plane (illustrative)Flash 90

Ahead of the expected permission to expand the hours of operation at the Ramon International Airport near Eilat, Israir Airlines is preparing to increase the number of flights, beginning next week.

Due to the limit on the airport's hours of operation, the first flight each day to Ramon Airport leaves at 6:40a.m. and the last flight from Ben Gurion International Airport leaves at 4:40p.m.

However, it is expected that approval will be granted to expand the airport's hours of operations, enabling Israir to allow the first flight to leave approximately half an hour earlier in the morning, and add a flight which will become the last flight of the day, leaving approximately two hours later than is currently allowed.

The additional hours will allow the company to add flights and increase frequency, providing a better solution for Eilat residents who fly to central Israel for a single day, as well as for medical staff who travel to and from Eilat each morning and evening.

"We are happy to announce the expected decision and the possibility that we have been given to adjust the flight schedule for the benefit of the city's residents and vacationers," Israir said in a statement.