'SodaStream' factory workers form peace sign
'SodaStream' factory workers form peace signPhoto: CopterPix - Aerial photography

Egyptian diplomacy once again succeeded in securing a ceasefire agreement between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Egypt proves once again that it can be the pillar of security and stability in the Middle East. Egypt’s role can be indispensable in resolving conflicts and unrest in this vital region of the world.

After the success of these strenuous diplomatic efforts, in which the US was involved, the world must not only praise the deal. But must immediately launch international diplomatic efforts to build a real peace that prevents such turmoil from recurring and quickly degenerating into bloodshed and generalized panic among civilians, both in Gaza and in Israel.

The recent events are not the first of their kind. Nor the last. A fire lives underneath the ashes. The atmosphere of tension and congestion is fueled by calls for cross-border incitement without regard to casualties, displacement of families or other consequences. A final peace addresses the real causes of the conflict.

Ensuring sustainability and stability is the only way to turn the page on this turmoil and ensure that it does not happen again. The truth is also that geographic and demographic factors show the absurdity of the idea of an armed confrontation between the Israeli and Palestinian Arab sides.

It’s perhaps irrational to think of uprooting the other or removing it completely from the conflict equation. Recent events have shown that the nail-biting game is not allowed in this geostrategic tinderbox.

The bet of one side to hear the other’s cry of pain is absurd. It just won’t happen. That’s because this is an unconventional conflict not subject to the traditional calculations of war. There is a need for a lot of wisdom and sensible language in order to reach a just final settlement of this conflict. Certainly, each side, Palestinian Arab and Israeli, has its own motivations for seeking peace.

It is not only to avoid a recurrence of the troubles. It is also to get away from the tunnel into which some parties want to push this conflict. The objective of some is to push the conflict into new generations and transform it from a land conflict into a religious conflict that spells a new powder keg in an already inflamed Middle East.

Talking about lasting peace is not impossible, despite all the circumstances, complexities and obstacles that any reflection on this path faces. The alternative is costly. Staying in the square of explosive tensions can be catastrophic. Consequences multiply over time as new elements, parties, and variables constantly enter the conflict field.

Ensuring military superiority and reduced imbalance of military power between the parties to the conflict certainly does not mean security and stability for Israel and its people. Gunfire does not guarantee security until you are set up for real stability and peace, especially knowing that someone is using your neighbor as a thorn in your side.

Palestinian Arab organizations must also realize that there is no permanent war, but there can be permanent peace. History does not tell us of the success of a people that has been at war throughout its existence, no matter how just they think the cause and how important it is to them and others. War is always a means of negotiation. Also an entry point for negotiation.

The Palestinian Arabs must quickly unite the ranks, choose legitimate representatives at the level of the responsibility and historical challenge of their resilience and wilingness to sacrifice. The world wants to find a specific authority to address the Palestinian Arab issue and begin to find a real and final peace to ensure a secure life for all those living in the Middle East.

The time has come to learn from the days when the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict was at the forefront of world attention. Silence and calm, as always, are not synonymous with peace. But, in this case, it may be a state of anticipation waiting for a new crisis to break out.

Dr. Salem AlKetbi is a UAE political analyst and former Federal National Council candidate