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Pro-Israel banners in front of two Montgomery County, Maryland synagogues were recently vandalized.

Both banners had been up for years, reported Washington Jewish Week.

The sign at Congregation Har Shalom said “Har Shalom Supports Israel."

According to Rabbi Adam Raskin, on Monday a congregant discovered that the sign had been cut from its frame.

Congregation Beth El’s pro-Israel banner said “We support Israel in its struggle for peace and security.” On Friday, a congregant discovered someone has ripped out the word “Israel” from the sign. The defacement was captured on a surveillance camera. It occurred at approximately 11 a.m. on May 26. Police are now in possession of the video.

“To make Jews feel intimidated, afraid, uncomfortable – to attack Jews or Jewish property – is anti-Semitism,” Raskin told NBC Washington.

Congregation Beth El has ordered a replacement sign. Congregation Har Shalom also has plans to order a new banner.

Har Shalom’s preschool class made their own pro-Israel signs. They have been put up in place of the missing banner.

Raskin said his congregation’s support of Israel is as strong as ever.

“Israel doesn’t get a lot of support from the international community. So like many synagogues, we felt like it was important to make that public statement,” Raskin said in an interview with Washington Jewish Week. “We believe in Israel’s right to exist and the right to defend itself from aggression and attack.”

The Montgomery Police Department is investigating both incidents.