UK law enforcement are searching for a masked protestor who screamed for “Jewish blood” during a recent pro-Palestinian demonstration in London.

A video of the man saying, “We’ll find some Jews here… We want the Zionists, we want their blood!” was filmed within earshot of two police officers, who did not intervene, reported the Daily Mail.

The man was part of a protest next to the Israeli embassy in London.

London has been the site of repeated weekend anti-Israel protests. Last weekend, thousands of protestors burned Israeli flags outside the embassy.

“The Met is aware of a number of clips on social media capturing anti-Semitic or offensive remarks during demonstrations across London on Saturday, May 22, and Sunday, May 23,” said Scotland Yard. “Detectives from the Met's public order crime team are making a number of inquiries as part of a post-incident investigation.”

The weekend demonstrations have been condemned by politicians and Jewish community leaders for featuring signs that were anti-Semitic, mocked the Holocaust, compared Israel to the Nazis or were pro-Hitler.

In one case, cars were vandalized by protestors carrying Palestinian flags.

There were also chants of “Israel is a terrorist state” by protestors who set off flares and blocked traffic.