The baby who was injured by the stone-throwing
The baby who was injured by the stone-throwingPolice spokesperson

Two Arabs have been arrested for injuring a seven-month-old baby by throwing stones at her head.

On Jerusalem Day, May 10, two parents were traveling with their baby daughter in the At-Tur neighborhood of Jerusalem. Two Arabs rushed at the vehicle and immediately started throwing stones and blocks at it and the passengers. The baby was struck in the head and evacuated to the hospital in light condition.

IDF investigators worked for days to identify and locate of the Arab stone-throwers. A few days ago, the two, residents of the At-Tur neighborhood, were arrested and taken for questioning.

Today, at the end of the police investigation, a serious prosecutor's statement was submitted to the court by the Jerusalem District Attorney's Office attributing serious violent offenses to the two suspects. The suspects' detention was extended by several days for the purpose of preparing and filing the indictment in court.

The Israel Police said: "The Israel Police will not allow extremist rioters to disrupt the routine of life throughout Jerusalem, and will show zero tolerance for riots that endanger public safety, arrest lawbreakers and bring them to justice."

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