Times Square, New York City
Times Square, New York CityGili Yaari/Flash 90

A second suspect has been arrested in connection with the mob assault on a Jewish man near Times Square during New York City protests last week, the NYPD stated on Monday.

According to CNN, the NYPD arrested Faisal Elezzi, 25. They are recommending he be charged with assault as a hate crime, menacing as a hate crime and aggravated harassment as a hate crime.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has not yet revealed what Elezzi will ultimately be charged with.

Another suspect, 23-year old Waseem Awawdeh, was in criminal court on Saturday facing charges of assault in the second degree as a hate crime and attempted gang assault in the first degree, the Manhattan District Attorney’s office stated.

Awawdeh was arrested due to being identified in images released by police of the four people who attacked Joseph Borgen, a 29-year old Jewish man wearing a kippah who was walking alone down Broadway on Thursday night when he was knocked to the ground and attacked.

Borgen told police that the mob of five to six men punched and kicked him, sprayed him with pepper spray and yelled anti-Semitic insults at him.

In a surveillance video of the attack, Awawdeh can allegedly be seen repeatedly hitting Borgen with a metal crutch while he is trying to shield himself from the blows.