Kerem Shalom crossing
Kerem Shalom crossingFlash 90

With the approval of the political echelon and in accordance with the directive of the Minister of Defense, it was decided to allow the entrance of humanitarian equipment into the Gaza Strip starting Tuesday. This includes medical equipment, food, medicine, and fuels for the private sector, which will enter through the Kerem Shalom crossing.

For the time being, it will not be possible to export goods from the Gaza Strip. In addition, it was decided to allow the entry of patients for life-saving treatments, employees of international organizations and foreign journalists through the Erez crossing starting Tuesday.

It was also decided to expand the fishing area to 6 nautical miles, starting Tuesday at 6:00 a.m.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories stated that the basic civilian measures approved by the political echelon are conditional on the maintaining of the quiet and security stability.

Prof. Simcha Goldin, the father of the late Lieutenant Hadar Goldin whose body has been held by Hamas since 2014, responded to the decision and said, "The Israeli leadership has simply lost its moral compass and the ability to distinguish between good and evil. They bring equipment to a terrorist organization while abusing the citizens of Israel and leaving the IDF soldiers who went out to fight and defend the homeland with [the terrorists]. This is a complete loss of values."

"I call on the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff to wake up immediately and recalculate their moves. The citizens of Israel will not remain silent in the face of this abandonment. Bring the fighters back to Israel immediately," Goldin demanded.