Cars torched by Arab rioters in Lod
Cars torched by Arab rioters in LodAvshalom Sassoni/Flash90

A double ramming attempt occurred in Lod on Saturday, members of the city's Religious Zionist community reported.

The double ramming attempt occurred Saturday afternoon. By miracle, the intended victim, a Jewish resident of the city's Ramat Eshkol neighborhood, escaped unharmed. Security forces are still searching for the person who attempted the ramming, the Garin Torani (Religious Zionist "seed group" community) reported.

According to members of the community, during the afternoon hours, Arab residents of the city began driving wildly through the Jewish neighborhood of Ganei Aviv, and on Friday, a member of the city council verbally abused a Jewish resident of Lod in Ramat Eshkol.

"We continue to live in an untenable reality, in which we are expected to swallow and remain silent, and accept the fate of living in fear, as part of the false pretense of returning to normal," a statement from the community said.

"We demand Israel Police not abandon us, and continue to patrol the neighborhoods, enforce order, arrest the rioters, and most importantly - collect the illegal weapons and arms which are still in the possession of those who continue to roam the streets seeking to harm us."