Yehoram Gaon
Yehoram GaonYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israel Prize laureate Yehoram Gaon on Saturday night spoke to News 12 about the recent rioting in mixed Jewish-Arab cities, noting that he is not surprised by the behavior of Israeli Arabs.

"The claims and reasons and excuses for these outbursts are the same claims that we were told throughout all the years," Gaon said. "We are searching for the fault only within ourselves, and it is not only within ourselves."

"I am not disappointed in Israel's Arab citizens. You become disappointed only when you have expectations. We are much less, much much less, guilty than them. There is no symmetry, because they have not made peace with our existence here in the Land of Israel, as a Jewish state."

He added: "Do you know when this will end? When there is a strip of land one meter by one meter [in area], that they agree that this meter will be called the Jewish state."

"When that happens, the wars will end."