Israeli airstrikes in Khan Yunis
Israeli airstrikes in Khan YunisFlash 90

During the 11 days of the Guardian of the Walls operation, IDF forces destroyed over 100 kilometers (62 miles) of Hamas' "Metro" - the network of underground tunnels created by the terrorist organization to protect both members and munitions and to enhance its mobility and freedom of action.

In addition, around 200 terrorists were eliminated, as well as 20 commanders and five senior commanders affiliated with either Hamas or Islamic Jihad. Health officials in the Gaza Strip say a total of 232 people were killed during the 11-day operation.

The IDF also hit around 70 multi-barreled missile launchers, nine multi-story buildings that housed Hamas infrastructure and offices, and dozens of command centers, outposts, and training camps used by terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

The Iron Dome missile defense system shot down around 90% of missiles fired into Israel.

Referring to the failure to liquidate Hamas' chief commander, Mohammed Deif, an IDF spokesman said, "We did everything we could to make sure that bad people didn't come out of this alive."