Map of potential Hamas-Fatah attack range
Map of potential Hamas-Fatah attack rangecourtesy of Mark Langfan

Parashat Naso describes the phenomenon of the Nazirite, and for this reason we also read the haftara this Shabbat whose opening verses tell the story of the most famous Nazirite - Samson - who dedicated his life to fighting Israel's bitter and implacable enemy - the Philistines of Gaza.

Is it simply a coincidence that today Israel finds itself battling the Palestinians, today's Philistines (not genetically, but in enmity towards the Jewish people - the Philistines were ancient people of the sea who came to the Israeli coast in biblical times from what are Greek islands today, while the self-titled Palestinians are Arabs from the Arabian peninsula area who came in the 7th century), in the very same Gaza Strip where Samson fought more than 3000 years ago?

What are we to make of this?