Western Wall plaza evacuated after rocket alarm blares
Western Wall plaza evacuated after rocket alarm blaresצילום: ללא

The leaders of the Lithuanian haredi community, Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky and Rabbi Gershon Edelstein, called on their followers not to visit or pray at the Western Wall during the Shavuot holiday over concern doing so could provoke further anti-Jewish violence.

According to a report by Behadrei Haredim journalist Moshe Weisberg, the haredi leaders leaders called for "no act of provocation against the nations."

"In these days when our enemies have raised their heads against us without mercy and are trying to harm the inhabitants of the Holy Land," wrote Rabbi Kanievsky and Rabbi Edelstein, "it is incumbent on each and every one to strengthen ourselves in all matters and in particular in the study of the Torah on the day of the giving of our Torah and not, G-d forbid to do any act of provocation against the nations that is not the way of Torah."

"Be strict also in matters of danger," they added. "We must stay away from demonstrations and from all the places where those who hate us gather. Therefore, do not take risks and do not provoke through walking on Shavuot to the Western Wall."