Gaza rocket fire
Gaza rocket fireMajdi Fathi/TPS

The leaders of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations on Monday denounced the incitement by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas amid the violence in Jerusalem and the rocket attacks from Gaza.

“We condemn the willful incitement by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas that is instigating violence and unrest in Jerusalem, as well as the continuing rocket attacks on Israel from Gaza,” said Dianne Lob, Chair, William Daroff, CEO, and Malcolm Hoenlein, Vice Chair of the Conference of Presidents in a statement.

“We stand in solidarity with Israel as she continues to face lawlessness and rioting spurred by Palestinian leaders who are shamelessly fanning the flames of hate and violence with apparent disregard for the safety and security of Palestinians and Israelis alike,” they added.

“The rocket attacks, which continue to target Israeli cities including Jerusalem, requiring thousands of Israeli civilians to protect themselves in bomb shelters, constitute a clear violation of international law and must be condemned by the international community at once,” said the Jewish leaders.

“As Jerusalem Day is commemorated and the end of Ramadan approaches, we call for calm and we pray that peace prevails,” they concluded.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit updated that, as of 11:20 p.m., about 150 rockets had been fired from the Gaza Strip toward Israeli territory.

The Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepted dozens of rockets.

Meanwhile, IDF fighter jets destroyed a Hamas offensive terrorist tunnel in the Gaza Strip. Several terrorists were killed in the attack.

Earlier, the Israel Air Force attacked a number of Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip, in response to the rocket attacks.

Among the targets attacked by the IDF: two rocket launchers, two military posts and eight Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz said following the rocket attacks that Hamas had “crossed red lines” and “will bear the consequences.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stressed that "Israel will respond with great force" to the rocket attacks.

"We will not suffer harm to our territory, our capital, our citizens and our soldiers. Whoever attacks us will pay a heavy price," he added.