We are not fooled by, ‘fire!’ when the crier sits, arms folded. Nor are we fooled by, ‘help – drowning!’ when the crier rejects a life jacket because the gaudy pink colour is off putting. We are fooled by, ‘Earth is doomed – climate crisis!’ when the criers give a thumbs-down to online, 100% emission-free nuclear power.

The human condition, by common consent, is self-absorbed and headstrong. By means fair or foul people, especially those involved in politics, will have their way. During the year of Covid and campaigning the means justified the end when politicians and medics made medicine their handmaiden to defeat Trump.

In climate politics the stakes are even bigger – big enough to take a hammer to nuclear plants so they don’t get in the way of a new green world. “Safe and productive nuclear plants are being closed across the rich world,” writes the Economist, itself a climate crier of note. “Closures and the retirement of older sites mean that advanced economies could lose two-thirds of their nuclear capacity by 2040 according to the IEA.”

So there you are, Mother Earth is dying. Help! – though not with nuclear power. Climate alarmists reject the life jacket and, to make it unusable again, gash the rubber with a blade to leave everyone no choice but embrace green power. And we’d believe the day of Mother Earth’s demise if their climate models predicted it. Green revolutionaries want to save the world with a passion that makes them ready to kill for it.

The climate narrative is all bizarre like that? Yes, Richard Lindzen, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Sciences, MIT, affirms. Just like that, completely bizarre. And he brings an allegory of his own.

Your physician tells you that your examination will consist of taking your temperature and nothing else. You blink. The physician then says that if your temperature is 37.3C rather than between 36.1C and 37.2C he will have to put you on life support. Now you know the man is a nutcase. That very situation in climate science, says Professor Lindzen, is considered to be ‘settled science.’

The absurdity does not stop there. Your physician can’t even do the basic before he puts you on life support. He can’t take your temperature properly. Many people, says Professor Lindzen, believe that some particular instrument takes the earth’s temperature. The record in fact is obtained another way entirely. “The concept of an average surface temperature is meaningless. One cannot very well average the Dead Sea with Mt. Everest.” He details the laborious method used to calculate earth’s temperature. “It may not be a good measure of climate at all,” he concludes. Think what that means. For all we know there may be no patient to be cured.

But say that carbon emission IS choking Mother Earth to death. Say you’re right to be worried sick for her. Would green power restore the grand old lady’s looks? What can wind and solar power do for Mother Earth?

On the contrary: take wind turbines. They require 360 times more land to generate the same amount of power as a nuclear plant. Or take natural gas, the land requirements of which are as low as nuclear power. It will need a lot of wind turbines to supply the energy we use, a lot of them on a lot of land. It would disfigure up to one third of Mother Earth.

And that’s without transportation. Private and public transport are said to emit more carbon dioxide than burning fossil fuel for power. To convert all modes of transport to electric would disfigure another third of Mother Earth. Add up the turbines for powering up factories, building and homes, and say goodbye to 66% of her natural beauty. To meet the targets for America by the year 2050, onshore wind and solar farms could span 600,000 sq kms, an expanse greater than Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois combined. And still it would not produce enough power.

Global warming giving you nightmares?

Wind turbines will make the nightmare worse. Turbines could make the earth warmer. Repeat. Wind power could make global warming worse. Harvard University study

Dream of pristine landscapes?

Wind turbines and solar panels would make them ugly as sin. The mining of rare earth minerals used in the components of equipment is the most environmentally destructive activity on the planet. Only a select number of bad countries allow such mining. China is one of them. China dominates the supply of rare earth minerals.

Dislike the idea of China as THE superpower? Your country will be dependent on it for materials to build and maintain the infrastructure of green power.

Adore natural life?

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimates wind turbines already kill between 140,000 and 500,000 birds every year, including many protected and endangered species. They kill even more bats than birds. To raise wind power from 7% share of electricity to 35%, multiply the bird and bat slaughter by five.

The idea of zero carbon emission makes you glow?

Then get used to far fewer open spaces and forests and mountains and the diversity of creatures inhabiting them.

Trust politicians to do what’s best for you? Using your money?

Not one cent of the trillions of dollars invested in green energy will come out of politicians pockets. And they won’t lose their jobs or their life saving. Joe Biden has promised to spend $500 billion each year on abating climate change. The economic impact, Danish environment economist Bjorn Lonborg calculates, would reach $5 trillion, which is more than the entire federal budget.

Trust politicians? How come they haven’t told you some vital statistics?

That’s not me asking. It’s Professor Steven Koonin, among the most respected energy scientists in America who worked for President Obama as the undersecretary for science at the Department of Energy. Vital statistics are kept in the closet? You bet.

  • Both research and government reports clearly state that heat waves in the US are now no more common than they were in 1900
  • The warmest temperatures in the US have not risen in fifty years.
  • According to research and climate reports published by the US government and the UN:

a.Humans have had no detectable impact on hurricanes over the past century.

b.Greenland’s ice sheet is not shrinking any more rapidly today than it was 80 years ago.

c. The global area burned by wildfires has declined 25 percent since 2003, and 2020 was one of the best years on record.

Why haven’t people heard these vital stats?

Again it’s not me asking. Professor Koonin explains why. “Public discussions of climate and energy have become increasingly distant from the science. Phrases like ‘climate emergency,’ ‘climate crisis’ and ‘climate disaster’ are now bandied about to support sweeping policy proposals to ‘fight climate change’ with government interventions and subsidies. Not surprisingly the Biden administration has made climate and energy a major priority, confirmed by John Kerry’s appointment as climate envoy and the proposed spending of $2 trillion dollars to fight the “existential threat to humanity.”

That name tells a story of its own. With John Kerry comes a history.

Kerry was President Obama’s Secretary of State when he began to act as business agent for the Iranian regime. “Kerry went to Europe to promote investment in Iran. A former White House advisor was astounded. “It isn’t enough” wrote Elliot Abrams, “to remove sanctions that prevent banks from lending to Iran. Kerry has become a cheerleader, urging banks to make loans irrespective of risk.” .

The New York Times ran a scoop story about Kerry. According to a leaked audio, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said that Kerry informed him Israel had attacked Iranian assets in Syria at least 200 times. Zarif added, it had surprised him that Kerry would reveal such sensitive information to him. “People are talking about treason — and I don’t throw that word around a lot,” said Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-Alaska).

Now Kerry as Biden’s “climate envoy” has put his neck out, declaring that the climate summit in Scotland is “the world’s last best chance to avert climate catastrophe.”

Trust climate models?

  • A headline back in 1989 screamed: “Rising seas to obliterate nations by 2000.” It quotes the Director of the New York office of the UN Environment Program. Entire nations, he warned, could be wiped off the face of the earth by rising sea levels if “global warming is not reversed by the year 2000. Governments have a 10-year window before the greenhouse effect goes beyond human control.”
  • The Independent on 20th March 2000 headlined: “Snowfalls are a thing of the past.” “Britain’s winter ends tomorrow with striking evidence of further environmental change. Snow is starting to disappear from our lives. According to Dr David Viner a climate academic, winter snowfall will be a rare and exciting event.”
  • In 1998 Dr Jim Hansen appeared before Congress to predict the greenhouse effect. “In 20 years the Westside Highway which runs alongside the Hudson River will be under water,” he stated. “You’ll have signs in restaurants saying, Water by request only.”

Global warming is a killer?

Not according to the record. Global warming has saved life, not taken it. A study by 22 scientists found that cold is the killer. Cold weather killed 17 times more people than hot weather. As for deaths caused by natural disasters, they fell 80 percent while the temperature rose: since 1920 it has gone up by 1.25C. NASA data. During the same period world population quadrupled, from below 2 billion to over 7.5 billion.

Wonder how or why the ‘climate crisis got everyone scared stiff?

Fabricated hysteria penetrates bone and muscle. We are led to regard climate as an existential threat to earth. Aryans were led to regard the Jews as an existential threat to them. Hysteria creates fear. Fear makes people believe what they’re told. Believing what they’re told makes people do as they’re told. The more scared people feel the more nonsense you can make them swallow. That a certain temperature will end life on earth is the nonsense that we’ve been led to swallow.

The Climate-panicked don’t take dissent well. The Victorian free-thinker, Oscar Wilde could have had our cancel culture in mind. For sure his Tweets would have been taken down. If you cannot prove a man wrong, Wilde said, don’t worry. You can always call him names.

Steve Apfel is an economist and a cost accountant, but most of all a prolific author of non-fiction and fiction, published in many journals and sites. His books include: ‘The Paymaster’ (Fiction); Hadrian’s Echo (Non-fiction); ‘A bias thicker than faith’ (non-fiction, for publication during 2020), and ‘Balaam’s curse’ a WIP biblical novel