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The prosecution will today (Thursday) file an indictment against Amelia Ostrovsky, a 71-year-old caregiver, at a daycare center in the city of Ashkelon, for multiple offenses of abusing a minor and assault. Maariv reported. Investigators, who opened an investigation upon receiving a complaint from parents of a toddler at the daycare center, identified on security cameras a number of cases in which the caregiver was seen committing offenses against toddlers and arrested her for questioning.

According to the indictment, filed through attorney Tal Adir Cohen, the defendant worked for about 11 years as a kindergarten teacher in a private daycare center in Ashkelon and at the times relevant to the indictment she was in charge of a group of about eight children of about one and a half to two years old, during which which the defendant "acts of physical and mental abuse and assaulted them unlawfully."

Ostrovsky is accused of behaving harshly towards the children, shouting at them and reprimanding them, for any behavior of disobedience, getting up without permission during an activity, touching an object or game that in her view constituted a disturbance and deviation from the rules, responding aggressively, holding, and pushing and pulling the children. In some of the cases she even beat the children until they burst into tears.

The indictment further states that during the afternoon at the daycare, while the children were supposed to be asleep for nap time, the caregiver used violence and cruelty against children who did not lie quietly in their place, moved or got up from the mattress, by pushing them, pulling them by force, lifting them by the air and then slamming them into the mattress, and throwing them onto the mattress from a considerable height.

Upon completion of the police investigation and collection of evidence against the suspect, the police transferred the investigation file to the State Attorney's Office, which is expected to file an indictment against her today.