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After the coronavirus crisis forced many couples to cancel or delay weddings, the Tzohar rabbinical organization is reporting a dramatic increase in the number of marriages they have registered for the coming weeks.

Among its many services designed to enhance Jewish identity within Israeli society, the organization has helped tens of thousands of couples lead meaningful and joyful weddings, in full accordance with the guidelines of halakha (Jewish law) and the laws of the State of Israel.

Compared to 2020, the organization says they are experiencing an 80 percent increase in the number of couples who have come to them for marriage registration for weddings that will take place in the month following Lag Ba’omer. In comparison to 2019, when most of the world still had never heard of the term coronavirus, the organization is reporting a 30 percent increase in marriage registrations.

Among couples who will be marrying in the coming weeks are those who were forced to repeatedly delay ceremonies and who are now looking forward to celebrating with larger numbers of friends and family, as they had always intended.

Rabbi Aharon Cohen, Director of Tzohar’s Marriage Department said, “Over the course of the past year which was defined by coronavirus, Tzohar has done everything possible to help couples looking for a meaningful wedding experience as defined by halakha and our Jewish traditions.”

“The fact that the numbers of requests coming into our office are so high proves that the people of Israel continue to desire marriages and families defined by halakha. We welcome the chance to celebrate alongside them and remain committed to helping all who seek out our services.”