A Scottish author who won praise for her anti-racism novel is being accused of posting anti-Semitic and racist message on social media and Scotland Yard is reportedly investigating, reported the Jewish Chronicle.

Author and activist Shazi Hobbs' 2014 novel, "The Gori's Daughter," won praise for its exploration of a woman's mixed-race identity as she tried to navigate both her Kashmiri and Scottish backgrounds. The novel was based on the Glasgow-born author's own upbringing.

According to the Mirror, Hobbs, 50, stands accused of attacking a member of an anti-Semitism watchdog group, including posting a photo featuring a Nazi salute and the phrase “raise your hand if you are tired of” with the person's name.

The writer had reportedly been banned from Twitter for hate and was posting on Telegram and Gab.

She is alleged to have posted content on Telegram featuring swastikas and it is claimed that on Gab she accused a Holocaust survivor of being a liar.

In her Gab profile, it says that her book contract had been cancelled over the allegations that got her banned from Twitter.

Hobbs was photographed at an event of the far right Patriotic Alternative party, a British white nationalist group, the Mirror reported.

The Metropolitan Police said that they had received an allegation of malicious communications relating to anti-Semtiic online posts, and that an investigation had been opened and they were making inquiries.

Hobbs told the Mirror that she had received death threats and had a good relationship with police.