Violence in Jerusalem
Violence in JerusalemIsrael Police spokesperson

The United Arab Emirates’ Foreign Ministry on Sunday expressed concern over the recent violence in eastern Jerusalem and urged Israel to “put an end to all aggressions”.

“The United Arab Emirates has expressed concern over the acts of violence committed by right-wing extremist groups in the occupied East Jerusalem, which have resulted in injuries among civilians,” said a statement by the Foreign Ministry quoted by the Emirates News Agency.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has emphasized its categorical rejection and condemnation of all forms of violence and hatred that contravene with all humanitarian values and principles,” added the statement.

The statement “called upon the Israeli authorities to assume responsibility toward de-escalation and putting an end to all aggressions and practices that perpetuate tension and hostility.”

“The Ministry also underlined the necessity of preserving the historical identity of the occupied city of Jerusalem and maintaining maximum self-restraint to avoid the region slipping into new levels of instability in a way that threatens peace,” concluded the statement.

The statement follows the ongoing violent clashes in the city of Jerusalem in recent days.

While some of the incidents involved protests by right-wing activists, there have also been clashes between police officers and Arab rioters.

More than 50 Arab rioters were arrested during disturbances in the capital on Thursday night.

In eastern Jerusalem, dozens of Arabs threw rocks at police forces, who used riot dispersal means to disperse the demonstrations. At the same time, an incident was reported in which a driver fired into the air after dozens of Arabs pelted his vehicle with rocks.

Hundreds of Arabs rioted at the Damascus Gate, throwing rocks and firebombs at police officers. The clashes continued even after police forces left the scene. In an incident near Herod's Gate, a Jewish driver was attacked while driving. When he tried to flee the scene, he was beaten and his car was torched.

A brawl also broke out in the Mahane Yehuda market in the city.

On Friday morning, the US Embassy in Jerusalem issued a statement expressing concern over riots in the Israeli capital city.

“We are deeply concerned about the incidents of violence in Jerusalem over the last several days. We hope all responsible voices will promote an end to incitement, a return to calm, and respect for the safety and dignity of everyone in Jerusalem,” it said.