Long-range missile launch
Long-range missile launchiStock

General Frank McKenzie, commander of US Central Command, said on Thursday that a Syrian missile that landed in Israel overnight Wednesday appears to be the result of “incompetence” rather than a deliberate attack.

“I think it reflects actually incompetence in Syrian air defense,” McKenzie told the Senate Armed Services Committee when asked about the incident, according to The Hill.

“They were responding to Israeli strikes on targets in Syria. They fired their missiles, the missiles went ballistic, literally, and followed a parabolic trajectory into Israel,” he added. “I do not believe it was an intentional attack, but just rather a lack of capability on the part of the Syrian air defenders.”

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said of Wednesday night’s incident that an air-to-surface missile had been fired from Syria toward Israeli territory and exploded in the southern Negev region.

In response, the IDF attacked the battery that launched the missile and other surface-to-air missile batteries in Syrian territory.

Syrian media reported that the country’s air defense system had been activated following an Israeli attack in the Damascus area and that most of the Israeli missiles were shot down.

The IDF later said that a preliminary investigation of the incident found that the missile fired fom Syria was not intercepted. actual interception was carried out, the IDF spokesman said.

Security sources noted that the missile exploded in the air and parts of it fell in the Negev region. The investigation of the incident continues.