MK Ofir Sofer of the Religious Zionist Party told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday that the initiative for a direct election of the Prime Minister is the politically correct move in order to solve the current crisis.

"I think this is a model that works in local authorities in the country. This model also expands the coalition and creates a more homogeneous and broad coalition. It seems to me that this could be a good solution for the current political situation," Sofer explained.

"The agenda that Lapid is trying to create is incorrect and irrelevant. If they insist on it, let's put it to an election. Lapid will run and Netanyahu will run. I know what the result will be," he added.

In Sofer’s view, there is no possibility that his party will agree to be part of a government supported from the outside by the Ra’am Party. “I do not see that happening. Ra’am is a movement that has a path. The Arab citizens deserve a different leadership. But their leadership must first accept the State of Israel as a state of the Jewish people, not support or encourage terrorism."

Sofer, who is very connected to the Garin Torani groups and especially to those in Jaffa and Lod, was asked whether there is an escalation against them on the part of the Arabs.

"I saw the incident with Rabbi Mali. I visited him that evening and heard about it. I do not understand how such thugs can harm such a delicate and special personality. We must act and reduce violence in Arab society," he said.