Ayelet Shaked and Rabbi Eliyahu Mali
Ayelet Shaked and Rabbi Eliyahu MaliHezki Baruch

Rabbi Eliyahu Mali, dean of the Shirat Moshe hesder yeshiva in Jaffa, has ordered his students to carry their mobile phones on Shabbat (the Jewish Sabbath), due to the increasingly tense security situation.

Jewish law forbids the use or carrying of electronics on Shabbat, other than in situations where a life is at stake.

On Friday, several yeshiva students were attacked in Jaffa. On Sunday, Rabbi Mali and the yeshiva's director were attacked by Arabs while walking down the street.

Speaking to MK Ayelet Shaked (Yamina), who visited the yeshiva on Monday, Rabbi Mali said that he is not afraid for his life, but he is very worried about the wave of attacks perpetrated by Arabs against Jews, as well as about acts of vengeance by both sides.

Tel Aviv-Jaffa Mayor Ron Huldai condemned the Friday attack, saying, "The attack on Rabbi Mali in Jaffa is a serious breach of the coexistence which we are working so hard to achieve in Jaffa. We will continue every effort to develop an accepting society which is able to live together in our city."

On Sunday evening, Israel Police arrested two Arabs in their 30s, both residents of Jaffa, on suspicion that they attacked Rabbi Mali. Officers from the Jaffa station carried out a number of investigative operations, which led to the exposure of the suspects' identities. When the suspects were located, they were arrested for interrogation on suspicions that they had carried out an attack.

Last week, an Arab attacked a yeshiva student and posted the footage to TikTok. Days later, Arab youths attacked a Jew walking in Jerusalem.

On Sunday, the same day Rabbi Mali was attacked in Jaffa, Arabs in Ramle attacked Jews, sending at least one of their victims to a local hospital.