Definition of anti-Semitism
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A UK man reported to law enforcement by his university tutor for posting anti-Semitic remarks online, such as saying that extermination was “the best option” for the Jews, is on trial for possessing a document containing information useful to terrorism.

Cambridge graduate Oliver Bel of Salford, UK, purchased a bomb-making manual, referred to as an “Anarchist Cookbook,” and instructed his social media followers to “Hate them Jews, kill them all then kill all n******,” according to UK news sources.

A day before that, in a separate post, Bel said, "I just want to go on a killing spree."

The Anarchist Cookbook had been purchased on Amazon in 2018, according to prosecutor Joe Allman, the Jewish Chronicle reported. It contained instructions on how to make blasting material and an explosive liquid, both of which were “highly explosive.”

Jurors heard that “Mr. Bel harboured, at that time and possibly still does harbour, extreme right-wing views.”

Allman stated that Bel was also a member of the far right Iron March web forum.

The bomb making instructional material was discovered by the Counter Terrorism Unit in Cambridge after they raided Bel's home stemming from his instructor’s call to police.

They also found books about Hitler and his phone, which contained a swastika image and recorded conversations about racial superiority.

The contents of the phone also included discussions with Alex Davies, the former leader of a UK neo-Nazi terror group, as well as an article on Bel from the anti-racism organization Hope Not Hate. The article included a reference to Bel’s post in which he stated about Jews that “extermination is the best option.”

In the article, Bel was quoted as writing, “Jews are parasites, well known for nepotism and financial corruption, with a background of communist revolution and pretty much every progressive movement from there.”

An official from the Prevent Programme of the Counter Terrorism Unit testified that even after he spoke to Bel, Bel continued to post “angry, racist” rants on social media.