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Rav Bentzion Rabinowitz, most known as The Biale Rebbe, wrote a moving letter to the public this week on behalf of a family that has endured the unthinkable. Mrs. Leah Nemirovsky was a young and otherwise healthy woman when she began to experience strange abdominal pains. The pains became worse, until she was completely bedridden. Confused, her four little children sat by her bedside. The family visited several doctors, but were unable to reach a diagnosis. Recently, after years of suffering, a specialist was able to ascertain that Leah has Crohn’s disease.


The Nemirovsky are thrilled: With a diagnosis, Leah can begin the proper treatments and become a strong, functional mother again. Tragically, however, the impact it has left on the family cannot be fixed so easily. Three of the four Nemirovsky kids will be sent away to a foster family until their Mom regains her strength. Most heartbreaking of all is little Dovid. Dovid is 5 years old, and has never learned to speak. The trauma of his mother’s illness severely delayed his development.

Doctors insist that with the help of experts, Dovid can learn to recover, and speak like a regular child. The treatments, however, cost more than the Nemirovskys could possibly afford, especially since Leah has no income.

Each time they look into the sweet and smiling eyes of their 5-year-old, it breaks their hearts. With help, he could speak. Instead, he lives in silence.

Their story was particularly moving to the Biale Rebbe who had the following to write in support:

“To Acheinu Bnei Yisrael, an urgent case has come to our attention of an entire family that is dealing with difficult medical conditions. A mother of four young children is sick with a serious illness and she is unable to function, she is still in need of medical treatment.

In light of this serious situation, they need to foster 3 of their children for a short time, until the mother regains her strength. The medical situation harmed the development of some of the children and they are in need of urgent treatments.

Therefore, we ask of our brothers to stretch out their hands and take pity on a poor family. Their lives and the lives of their descendants will be a merit for you; Hashem should bless you with healthy children and grandchildren, health in body and spirit, long life, wealth and honor.

R’ Bentzion Rabinowitz shlita

Biale Rebbe “

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