Osher Deri
Osher DeriCourtesy of the family

The mother of Osher Deri, the young woman who died after suffering a severe allergic reaction to milk at a restaurant, accused the restaurant of killing her daughter, Ynet reported.

"They took my little girl. They killed my little girl. For 22 years I kept her from getting close to anything dairy. We had no milk at home, just so she wouldn't be at any risk," Galit Deri said Thursday.

Osher went out with a friend to the "Rahamim Simcha & Sons" restaurant in Rosh Pina last night to celebrate Independence Day. The restaurant is kosher and specializes in meat, so there should have been no milk in any products it served. Nevertheless, Osher suffered a severe allergic reaction to milk while eating dessert.

The owner and five employees at the restaurant were questioned overnight by police and released under house arrest. Among other things, the police are examining contradictions that have been discovered between their versions. Meanwhile, the restaurant has been closed in light of the investigation.

Galit said that her daughter's intolerance for lactose was so severe that she would start to feel ill just from being near milk. "She would get a tingle even if she just smells milk. But if she accidentally tasted it - she also felt like she was suffocating and within five minutes should be in the hospital. If not ... and that's what happened," the tearful mother said.

"She knew she was supposed to be safe in this restaurant. She would not take any risks. She was born with this allergy and she lived with it on a daily basis. There is no chance she would risk her life. She has worked in this place before and they know her and know she is allergic to milk.

Galit received an update on what was happening from her daughter in real time: "She called me and said, 'Mom, I accidentally ate dairy whipped cream. I feel like I'm not breathing.' She drove on her own to Ziv Hospital. I do not know how she succeeded. The nurse said they laid her in bed, connected her to an IV tube, and then she lost consciousness. I arrived a few minutes later and was no longer allowed to see her."

Osher usually walked around with an epinephrine syringe that would provide her initial treatment in case of an allergic reaction. "She has a syringe but she was in a kosher meat restaurant and did not think she needed it," her mother explained.

Osher was able to explain some of the details of the dessert she ate to her mother. "From what I understood they sent the worker to buy dessert. I do not know if it is ice cream or whipped cream. My daughter told me she ate whipped cream. I have recorded conversations with my daughter that she ate whipped cream, a dessert of hot chocolate cake and whipped cream, the whipped cream was certainly dairy."

"It's just negligence. Even beyond what happened to my daughter. It's a strictly kosher restaurant and he gave a dairy product to people who ate meat. He defrauded a lot of people. How do you put something in from outside without the kashrut supervisor approving it? It won't bring my daughter back."