celebrating independence
celebrating independenceBinyamin spokesperson

The Binyamin Regional Council reported that thousands of hikers visited the nature and heritage sites and springs of the Binyamin region today (Thursday).

A large number of visitors were registered at the Mishkan site in ancient Shiloh, the Nahal Prat nature reserve that was closed to visitors after early registration ran out last week, as well as at the newly inaugurated sites: the bird trail in Neve Tzof forest, and the new Talmonim park with 15-meter rappelling facilities.

In addition, the Binyamin Tourism Association and the Sde Ofra School conducted ten recommended hiking paths, with the hikers in each path receiving special kits and preparation.

The Binyamin Regional Council and the Binyamin Community Center also held festive activities in the local communities. In the first hours of Independence Day, the council set up festive stands in each locality where gifts and raffle tickets were distributed to children. Special processions were also held in the communities.

Binyamin Regional Council chairman Yisrael Ganz, who took part in the activities and went on a hike, also said: "We celebrate independence with our feet. With thousands coming to the Binyamin region and when our residents enjoying a festive Independence Day with visitors in their localities. I wish all the residents of Binyamin and the State of Israel a happy Independence Day."