Ayatollah Ali Khamenei
Ayatollah Ali KhameneiReuters

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei dismissed the American proposals at the negotiations over the Islamic Republic's nuclear program in Vienna Wednesday, deeming them "arrogant," "humiliating," and "not worthy of consideration."

Iranian state media reported that Khamenei stated that the negotiations could not be allowed to become "attritional."

"America does not seek to accept the truth in negotiations ... Its goal in talks is to impose its own wrong wishes ... European parties to the deal follow America's policies in talks despite acknowledging Iran’s rights," Khamenei said.

In a post on Twitter, Khamenei reiterated his demands that the US lift its sanctions against Iran before Iran makes any concessions on the nuclear issue.

"We have already declared Iran's policy. Sanctions must be removed first. Once we are certain that has been done, we will carry out our commitments. This is because they have broken their promises tens of times, and it is the same now," the Iranian leader wrote.