MandelblitFlash 90

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit sent a message to the Supreme Court urging the justices to reject the petition against President Reuven Rivlin's decision to impose the mandate to form the government on Binyamin Netanyahu.

In a letter to the court, Mandelblit wrote that there is “no justification for judicial interference” in the process of forming the next government given a previous court ruling last year that Netanyahu's trial does not preclude him from forming a government or serving as prime minister.

The petition against Netanyahu was filed by an organization called “The Fortress of Democracy,” which claims that Netanyahu violated a conflict of interest agreement barring him from being personally involved in the appointment of judicial and law enforcement officials.

While Mandelblit has rejected Netanyahu's claims that he is not bound by that agreement, he stated that there has been no development which justifies changing the court's previous ruling on Netanyahu's ability to form a government.