Damage at Iran's Natanz nuclear facility
Damage at Iran's Natanz nuclear facilityReuters

Iranian MP Alireza Zakani on Wednesday confirmed that the explosion in the Natanz, Iran, nuclear facility destroyed most of the enrichment facilities at the site, Al Arabiya reported.

Also on Wednesday morning, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that "the country's decision to enrich uranium to 60% is a response to Israel's 'nuclear terror.'"

On Tuesday, Dr. Ori Nissim Levi, an international expert in nuclear defense, said that Iran "lacks the ability currently" to carry out what it promised in its announcement. "It will take them a lot more time to follow through, and so despite their combative proclamations, right now Iran is in trouble."

Dr. Levi told Israel Hayom that "Iran's main enrichment facility is in Natanz. Here, they suffered a very harsh blow, at a point which will take a long time to fix. The one who struck them knew what he was doing as well as where to strike so that the reactor would be significantly damaged."

"The thing is that Natanz was their center of production, and therefore at the moment their proclamation is just a proclamation. Their second facility in Fordow is much smaller and therefore, right now it is all just words. It will take them a long time to recover from this strike.

"Essentially, Iran has two enrichment facilities," Dr. Levi explained. "The large and important one is Natanz, and here they were hit in the most sensitive spot in the system, a spot that cannot be backed up or passed over. This was a very serious and precise hit by someone who knew how to really stop the reactor."