Itamar Hilman
Itamar HilmanZAKA

20-year old Itamar Hilman was the motorcycle driver identified in the lethal accident which occured last night on Jaffa street in Jerusalem. Itamar is the son of longtime ZAKA volunteer Shlomo Hilman.

"This is not how I had planned this evening, but it serves as another life lesson that shows simply that anything you plan can disappear in an instant. It is hard to fathom you were with us at work just hours ago", said one of his friends.

"I didn't really get to know you but it is still surreal to me. You joined us less than a month ago and fit right in with the crew. From the little we knew you were a great kid who hasn't seen anything yet with a will to learn and do things. Good things. Within a split second you have gone from your family and from us, your family at work. I am positive that up there, you will see all the good in you. Baruch dayan Haemet".

ZAKA volunteers took care of the body and collected evidence at the scene. "The entire ZAKA organization, commanders and volunteers, are grieving alongside our dear volunteer Shlomo Hilman of unit 410, on the sudden death of his son Itamar in the accident. May you know no more sorrow".

A 47-year old pedestrian was injured in the accident as well. He was treated at the scene and was taken to treatment at the hospital.