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Revital Har Kesef, the widow of United Hatzalah emergency first responder Chaim Har Kesef, eulogized her husband, recalling his kindness and volunteer work.

"There was someone who knew him who said that Chaim had a ‘kindness disorder’,” Revital said in an interview with Arutz Sheva. “Chaim would wake up in the morning and think who he could help that day."

Chaim was killed in a traffic accident in northern Israel during the Passover festival. His son and two daughters were injured in the crash.

"He always said that he wants to leave a mark on the world,” Revital continued. “It was very important for him to pass on a legacy of kindness. It started from the world of medicine and first aid - from the age of 16 he learned to be a medic. He decided to become a medic because a friend of his father died from heart failure and there was no one in the area to offer first aid."

Revital spoke out about establishment of the 'Achrayut' ('Responsibility') organization, which provides support and guidance for people in economic distress.

"When he closed his business, we experienced a financial crisis. It was very difficult, our world collapsed we didn't have any help, and our experience made him decide that people shouldn't feel alone and that there needs to be someone who could help people who have problems with money and the banking system."

"In the funeral, I met many people who said that they don't know what they'll do now without him. He was so smart and sharp and he guided them. They lost their teacher, guide and someone who would listen."

Now, after Chaim’s death, the Har Kesef family, too, is in need for assistance and support. Revital reflected that it is difficult to go from ‘giving to receiving’, but added she is moved by the kindness which will hopefully enable the family to rise from the devastating tragedy.

"When you get used to giving, it's hard to receive... it's hard to accept that you're now receiving, and that's what I am feeling now. But it's such a warm and comforting hug, so I decided to be happy and full of gratitude and say to myself "it's ok to receive and not only give". The support is simply amazing."

"He was a person who helped everyone and woke up every morning to help others. Now he is receiving in return, after he passed away... people care for us, it is very heartwarming."

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