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The Biden administration is poised to reset America’s relationship with the Palestinian Arabs without apparently taking into consideration their continuous incitement against Israel. The administration will restore aid to the UN Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA), reinstate the Palestinian Authority mission in Washington, DC, and advance the delusionary two-state solution. [1]

Before expending time and energy on policies that have failed miserably in the past, the administration might seriously consider examining how the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and Gaza glorify women suicide bombers as role models ensuring the conflict will last for generations to come.

To celebrate International Women's Day, commemorating the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women, the Palestinian Authority's Commission of Detainees and Ex-Detainees Affairs, held a ceremony to honor freed female prisoners on March 8, 2021 in Gaza. The program, which was broadcast on Palestine Arab TV, extolled Palestinian Arab women for they “have sacrificed like no other women in the world,” declared PA President Mahmoud Abbas. They are “role models, because they are seekers of freedom, they are mothers, they are sisters, they are fighters, they are martyrs, and they are bereaved.” [2]

When challenged about the PA’s veneration of terrorists and murderers of Israeli men, women, and children, Jibril Rajoub, Fatah Central Committee Secretary, countered that Fatah is an advocate of equal rights for women. The proof is that the PA/Fatah also sends women, just as it sends men, to carry out homicidal attacks against Jews. [3]

The Women Chosen to Tribute “As Paragons of Palestinian Womanhood:” Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, Leila Khaled, Dalal Al-Mughrabi

Shadia Abu Ghazaleh was actively involved in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) where she participated in numerous attacks against Israel. As she was preparing a bomb to use in an attack in Tel-Aviv in 1968, it inadvertently exploded killing her. [4]

Leila Khaled, a member of the PFLP, and the world's most notorious plane hijacker, demonstrated the crucial significance of the media to the Palestinian Arab cause when she participated in an in-flight hijacking of a TWA plane in 1969 and in a hijacking of an El-Al passenger jet the following year. “Until then [the hijackings],’ she said, “the world only dealt with us as refugees. We demonstrated and screamed and shouted to make the world listen, but the only answer we got was more tents and humanitarian aid. The hijackings were only a short-lived tactic, but I think they were successful in getting international opinion to ask: who are these people? Now the intifada is giving the answer." [5]

“The media are part of the war,” asserted Malek Wabdeh, a Hezbollah cultural representative, “CNN is more important than airplanes.” [6]

Dalal Al-Mughrabi is the PA’s most celebrated role model, martyr, and national hero for having led the March 11, 1978 Coastal Road massacre, the deadliest terror attack in Israel's history. Thirty- seven people were murdered, including 12 children, and 71 were injured. She and eight other terrorists were killed in the action. [7]

For her singular accomplishment, PA TV, official Fatah Facebook, Fatah Nablus Facebook, and the official PA daily honored her. Several PA schools are named after her, including at least two high schools and one kindergarten. [8]

The PA lionizes woman suicide bombers, as the Palestinian Media Watch has continually documented, by naming schools, cultural events, sporting events, streets, and other venues after them. The educational effect of this practice on Palestinian Arab youth is clear.[9]

The “Bride of Haifa”

Mahmoud Abbas’ statement idolizing Arab women for their sacrifice to free Palestine, follows an interview on Palestine Today TV (Gaza/Lebanon) on February 4, 2021 with Gaza Islamic scholar Dr. Taher Lulu, who lauded Hanadi Jaradat, a female suicide bomber from Jenin. “Palestinian mothers,” he said, “encourage their children to become martyrs by saying: ‘Go, I want to hear that you were martyred. I don't want you to come back to me.’" [10]

When the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine (PIJ), generously financed by the Revolutionary Guard in Iran, wanted a media star, they found one in Hanadi Jaradat, a 27-year-old intensely devout Muslim woman from Jenin, a few weeks away from becoming a lawyer. On Saturday October 4, 2003, Hanadi began her circuitous journey to Haifa to blow up the Maxim Restaurant. In the van driven by an Israeli Arab hired by PIJ to take her illegally into Israel, Hanadi changed from her traditional Arab robe and head scarf to jeans and placed her hair in a ponytail. She spoke fluent English and carried a Jordanian passport, enabling her to pose as a Jordanian tourist.

After entering the restaurant, owned by and an Arab and a Jew, and considered to be a “safe haven” for Jews and Arabs to interact, she detonated a body-belt bomb full of screws and nails. Twenty- one men, women and children were murdered. [11]

The PIJ headquarters in Damascus Syria claimed credit for the attack by the “Bride of Haifa.” At that point, approximately 430 people had been killed during the Aqsa intifada, about half of whom were the Israeli victims, the Haifa strike had achieved PIJ’s PR objective. After an Israeli airstrike in Syria, the UN Security Council held a special session to address the Syrian attack. [12]

When Hanadi’s parents were asked if they were sad for the victims and their families, initially no one said a word. Finally, Mrs. Jaradat said, ''Tell them they should think about why our daughter did this.” She then added, ''She has done what she has done, thank God, and I am sure that what she has done is not a shameful thing. She has done it for the sake of her people.'' [13]

Her family claimed Hanadi’s primary motivation was to avenge the death of her cousin, Salih, and her brother, Fadi, 23, killed in Jenin by Israeli forces. Both were accused of being Islamic Jihad operatives. Her 21-year-old sister Bisan said "Do not expect her not to be influenced by those killings, she saw her brother slaughtered like a sheep."

On October 5, the IDF demolished the Jaradat's home. [14] On October 13, 2012, the Arab Lawyers Union honored the family of Hanadi Jaradat on the ninth anniversary of her death. Representatives of the union visited her family in Jenin and presented them with a shield in her honor. The delegation members expressed "the union's pride in [Jaradat's] action in defense of Palestine and the ummah." [15]

Terror organizations are eager to claim a shaheed (A holy martyr) as a member of their group, since its status is determined, to a degree, by the number of its shaheeds.

Anat Berko, an Israeli criminologist, who is an expert on Palestinian Arab women and children suicide bombers, notes that Hanadi Taysser Darajat, the homicide bomber of the Maxim Restaurant in Haifa that killed 21 Israeli civilians, came from Nablus. Although Palestine Islamic Jihad declared responsibility for the attack, no one who knew the bomber could confirm she belonged the organization. [16]

Hanadi’s death, as the sixth and most lethal female homicide bomber, became an opportunity to extol her sacrifice and encourage others to follow her lead. Throughout the Gaza Strip, a pocket-sized card was distributed in girls' schools to honor Hanadi as the “bride of the Haifa martyrdom operation.”

In her just over two-minute amateurish video released on Arabic television stations, Hanadi is dressed modestly in a snug headscarf and looking anxious. Behind her are the black and gold flags of Palestine Islamic Jihad and a poster of her law degree.

She explains why she is about to commit suicide: “'By the will of God I decided to be the sixth martyr who makes her body full with splinters to enter every Zionist heart who occupied our country. We are not the only ones who will taste death from their occupation. As they sow so will they reap.'”

In Judea and Samaria, Palestine Islamic Jihad recruiters were active in female colleges and universities recruiting additional martyrs. During her lifetime, Hanadi studied to become a lawyer. After becoming a “human bomb,” her martyrdom became a model for an entire generation of Palestinian Arab women to emulate. [17]

Rationale for using Suicide Bombers

Suicide bombings are “low cost” missions requiring no escape routes or complicated rescue contingences. Significant numbers of fatalities and extensive destruction are assured, since the precise time, setting and circumstances of the attack can be determined in advance. The certain death of the suicide bomber guarantees no information will be revealed in an interrogation.[18]

The terrorists are “lethally flexible and inventive.” A suicide bomber with an explosive belt is far more difficult to apprehend and defend against than a device left programmed to detonate in a marketplace or any other crowded venue. At the last minute, a person can adjust to maximize the damage based on accessibility to the target, the number and density of the people, and the security measures in place to thwart an attack. [19]

An individual intent on using a knife is generally ''nervous,'' explained Ismail Abu Shanab, a prominent Hamas leader. Becoming proficient with a firearm requires significant time-consuming preparation, and success with a knife or a gun depends on chance, since much can go awry. For a suicide bomber to be effective, only a single moment of courage is needed he said. In Gaza, Shanab found an ample number of young men and women who decided to become suicide bombers after witnessing ''something terrible, some kind of atrocity. Islam says, 'an eye for an eye.' We believe in retaliation. When someone is killed in jihad, it is a joyful day.'' [20]

Dr. Ramadan Shalah, secretary- general of the Palestine Islamic Jihad, further explains that using suicide bombers is viewed as a means to defeat and demoralize Israel: "Our enemy possesses the most sophisticated weapons in the world and its army is trained to a very high standard…. We have nothing with which to repel killing and thuggery against us except the weapon of martyrdom. It is easy and costs us only our lives … human bombs cannot be defeated, not even by nuclear bombs." [21]

Yahya Ayyash: The Engineer

Yahya Ayyash, an engineering student, one of the founders of the military wing of Hamas, and a battalion commander, who became a leading bomb-maker, was the first to recommend that Hamas use suicide bombers as the most horrific means of inflicting harm to the Israelis. According to a source in Hamas, Ayyash (al-Muhandis, The Engineer) said, “We paid a high price when we used only slingshots and stones. We need to exert more pressure, make the cost of the occupation that much more expensive in human lives, that much more unbearable.” [22]

Ayyash succeeded in significantly increasing the cost to Israelis by using Triacetone Triperoxide (TATP), composed of hydrogen peroxide and acetone that produced an extremely powerful and deadly explosion, when nails, screws and additional hardware were included in this explosive parcel. Frequently, shrapnel was laced with rat poison, an anticoagulant, to ensure those struck would bleed to death or endure severe infections. Hamas commanders called this unstable bomb Mother of Satan.

In 1994, Ayyash’s bombs had killed 33, and wounded more than 200. His “truly insidious value” was in transforming teenage boys “into combustible missiles for pennies,” and by “redefining the Arab-Israeli battlefield.” A 42-ton T-72 Russian tank in the Syrian Army presented less of a danger to Israel than “ten dollars’ worth of hardware store-bought components” and a young Palestinian Arab longing for “rock star status as a martyr in paradise.” By the time the Second Intifada began in 2000, Ayyash had trained “several dozens, if not hundreds,” of expert bomb makers. [23]

To provide the engineers the items they needed to build bomb vests, a group procured the material, another secured funds, still another offered protection of the engineers, their devices, and the future martyrs. Instructions were transmitted through disposable SIM cards and in covert rendezvous in mosques. All activity revolved around the engineers. [24]

The “Ultimate Asymmetric Weapon”

“It's the ultimate asymmetric weapon,'' noted Magnus Ranstorp, director of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Political Violence at the University of St. Andrews. ''You can assimilate among the people, and then attack with an element of surprise that has an incredible and devastating shock value.” Furthermore, “Without weapons of mass destruction, a single terrorist can create a disproportionate impact by detonating a bomb -- whether the result is crumpling the road map to Mideast peace or undermining American efforts to win the peace in Iraq.” [25]

Dr. Adel Sadeq, chairman of the Arab Psychiatrists' Association, adds “None in the Western world would sacrifice his life for his homeland. If his homeland is drowning, he is the first to jump ship. In our culture it is different...This is the only Arab weapon there is and anyone who says otherwise is a conspirator.” [26]

The suicide bombers and their allies understand that in terms of military prowess their adversary possesses greater conventional power. Yet they believe their enemy is far weaker spiritually and existentially. “They have grown soft, the attacker believes; they want to live, and live well, and they are afraid of death.” This conviction provides the suicide bombers with comfort and strength knowing that the other side are “cowards.” By emphasizing that their enemies value their own lives more than they do themselves, they seek “to render the powerful powerless.” [27]

There was never a dearth of men and women who were eager to commit suicide, but “they were all harmless unless someone could provide them with an explosive a package that was economical yet powerful, reliable and idiot proof,” asserts Samuel M. Katz, a Middle East security and international terrorism expert. [28]

Role of Women

Terrorist organizations initially started recruiting women when they realized they could avoid exposure significantly better than men. Women would be less likely to be stopped at checkpoints, be subjected to exhaustive security searches, and would enhance the ability of terrorist organizations to launch an attack. [29]

Young women terrorists will do whatever is necessary “to blend in” enabling them to reach as many people as possible before blowing themselves up. Some suicide bombers wear soldier’s uniforms, dress in Orthodox Jewish clothing, and even pose as party girls. A few women have attempted to conceal bombs by faking pregnancy. To thwart these deceptive subterfuges, female soldiers search Palestinian Arab women. [30]

Employing women is a calculated attempt to "embarrass the Israeli regime and show that things are so desperate that women are fighting instead of men," according to Hala Mustafa, an analyst for the Al-Ahram Newspaper Group in Egypt. [31]

Psychological Warfare

“Terrorism is a form of psychological warfare against a society. It is supposed to have effects that are utterly disproportionate to the actual lethality of the attacks,” observed the Economist. “Thanks in part to the extensive media coverage that terrorist attacks attract, thanks also to the reaction of politicians who glibly talk of threats being ‘existential’, and thanks too to the security services who, for their own purposes, inflate the capability of terrorists, the perception of risk is typically far higher than the reality.”

When contrasted to other shocking experiences in our lives, such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks tend to frighten and shock people even when they are far removed from the incident and do not know anyone involved in it. This demonstrates how the possibility of a Fifth Column existing in their midst, especially when the terrorists’ extremism and fanaticism increases the element of distress and horror.

Israeli resilience to the attacks is attributed to the “strong social solidarity among Israeli Jews,” and to the confidence they have in the country’s security forces and their political leaders, who they know will find a means to respond vigorously to the violence. [32]

Eliminating Social Incentive

“Eliminating the social incentive – be it the poignant humanizing of a perpetrator’s failed life or the serious consideration of one’s adopted cause – delegitimizes the incentive,” advises Michael Welner, eminent forensic psychiatrist Michael Welner, M.D., Chairman of The Forensic Panel and Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai School of Medicine. “If those who now dream of carrying out their own spectacle killings were to recognize at this stage that they and their agenda would be resoundingly vilified, such tragedies would be deterred by the very organs that supply the oxygen to spectacle and mass murder.” [33]

To this end, Welner urges the media to refrain from showing their faces or revealing their names. They should only be mentioned “for their weirdness, hostility, self-absorption, and in ways where no one could possibly WANT to identify with. No one copies a pervert; if we can report about rapists and child sex crimes with an inherent contempt for the offender, we MUST do the same for the mass shooter.” [34]

As long as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and other forms of social media provide a venue for incitement, recruitment and glorification of suicide bombers, the former Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan “Israel is in the midst of a cognitive war, which is part of a new strategic challenge,” declared Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan. This “battlefront is social media,” he said. [35]

Additional Motivations

Anat Berko found that many of the women who become shaheeds are disturbed teens. Some are motivated by ideology, revenge, or vengeance, which is frequently part of a personal or family issue. Many of the women had lost their fathers or their fathers were weak. The absence of a father made the girls more vulnerable to terrorist organization recruiters. Those responsible for enlisting and dispatching rebellious girls seeking excitement and adventure, and eager to be free themselves of overly strict parental control, know how to direct their defiance into terrorism. Recruiters would visit their parents’ home to commend and comfort them.

Jemilla, a 25-year-old born in Tulkarm, whose father is weak, was attracted to the secular Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine’s [PFLP] “liberality,” since the organization does not treat women as inferior. She said the group “respects women and thinks a woman is like a man, that she can do what she thinks; they don’t treat women like furniture.” Participating in the terrorist world by escorting a male homicide bomber fulfilled her craving for recognition. [36]

Ariel Merari, a professor of psychology at Tel Aviv University, concluded that there is no one single motivating factor in the decision to blow themselves up in order to murder Jews. Those he tested during the Second Intifada who had failed in their mission claimed “humiliation of the Israeli occupation” had inspired them. Forty percent of them were suicidal. Twenty percent had attempted, but failed, to kill themselves prior to becoming a homicide bomber. [37]

Lone Wolf Attacks

When the upsurge of terrorist attacks (known as the lone-wolf intifada) began September 2015, Israel created an early warning system to evaluate the probability of an individual Palestinian Arab becoming involved in terrorism. Dozens of intelligence officers were assigned to collect general profiles of “potential attackers.” Using data from previous terrorist attacks, they developed three or four profiles that included age, residence, posts on social media, a psychological assessment, the objective of the terrorists, and intelligence from additional sources. Several the terrorists were also interrogated in the process. [38]

Founded in 1952, Unit 8200, the cyber warfare organization in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF), composed of several thousand soldiers, monitors phone calls, emails, and other communication, and maintains covert listening units in Judea and Samaria. In addition, Israel's Shin Bet has a network of Palestinian Arab informers in Judea, Samaria, and the Gaza Strip, who help target militants and alert security services to impending attacks. Israeli intelligence shares this information with Palestinian Arab security services enabling preventive action to interdict terrorist plots before they can be consummated. [39]

If the Arabs in Judea, Samaria, Gaza, and Jerusalem are genuinely interested in peace with Israel, they must immediately renounce articles in the Palestinian National Charter of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and the Hamas Covenant of August 1988 calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. [40]

Make it a crime against Humanity

Human Rights Watch calls on the leaders of Hamas, Palestine Islamic Jihad, the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to:

Cease such [suicide bombing] attacks immediately and declare publicly that they will not resort to such attacks in the future under any circumstances.

Commit publicly to respecting the basic principles of international humanitarian law and instruct all members of their organizations to do so, in particular those principles applying to the protection of civilians during armed conflict and the duty to arrest and deliver to the authorities for prosecution anyone who fails to do so.

Cease the recruitment or use of persons under eighteen years of age in any military activities, including activities in a support role, and communicate this policy to all supporters of the group.” [41] (“Erased in A Moment: Suicide Bombing Attacks Against Israeli Civilians,” Human Rights Watch (October 15, 2002)

A Final Note

What type of human beings, we should wonder, lure young vulnerable boys and girls to commit suicide bombings or use civilians, and particularly children, as human shields? “Is it moral to launch missiles from hospitals, from schools, from bedrooms, from mosques and from the roof of a church, where thousands of Gazans found refuge?” demanded American-Egyptian writer Magdi Khalili.

“Is it moral for Hamas leaders,” he asked, “to hide in Al-Shifa Hospital, thus risking the lives of regular people? Is this the moral high ground? They are fleeing like rats, hiding behind patients in Gaza hospitals. Is it moral for Hamas leaders to hide behind these patients?”

He asserted, “They garner sympathy over the corpses of children. This is part of the strategy of the Islamists. They consider sympathy garnered over the corpses of children to be a victory. [42] “Egyptian-American Writer Magdi Khalil: Hamas Leaders Garner Sympathy over Children's Corpses,” MEMRI (August 19, 2014)

If Israel is such a repressive and racist country, why, when granted the opportunity, would the majority of Israeli Arabs never choose to live under a Palestinian Arab regime? [43]


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