Mount Hermon
Mount HermonBasel Awidat, פלאש 90

The wintry weather which began Thursday is expected to continue throughout the weekend, including through the end of Passover.

Friday will see occasional rainfall in northern and central Israel, along with isolated thunderstorms, mostly in northern Israel and in the Sharon region. Winds will pick up, and temperatures will drop slightly, remaining below seasonal average.

Snow will fall on Mount Hermon. The rain will lessen gradually, beginning during the afternoon hours.

Friday night will be partly cloudy, with light local rains in northern and central Israel.

Saturday will be partly cloudy, with a rise in temperatures. During the morning hours, there may still be light local rainfall in northern Israel.

Sunday will be mostly clear, with an additional slight rise in temperatures.

Monday will be mostly clear, and temperatures will rise significantly, with the weather becoming warmer and drier than usual, especially inland and in the mountains.