IDF exercise in Cyprus
IDF exercise in CyprusIDF spokesperson

The IDF will hold a large-scale exercise in Cyprus during the summer, Israel Hayom reported.

The exercise is expected to be the IDF's largest held outside Israel's borders. Spanning approximately one week, the exercise will take place as part of the "war month" and include special forces, the Air Force, Navy, and both regular and reserve soldiers in the IDF's "Depth Headquarters" for forces deep in enemy territory.

The month-long exercise will include a scenario of a multiple-front battle in the north, south, and Judea and Samaria, in accordance with the worst scenarios the IDF currently has.

In the last week of the exercise, many IDF forces will fly and sail to Cyprus, where they will conduct a widescale exercise which simulates battle deep in unfamiliar territory.

Depth Headquarters Commander Major-General Itai Virov, who also serves as commander of the military colleges, will serve as commander.

Special forces will participate in the exercise, including both regular and reserve soldiers in the IDF's Division 98. The IDF also plans to bring vehicles for the ground forces to Cyprus, for them to simulate battle in enemy territory. In addition to the ground exercises, there will also be largescale air and sea operations, for which the Air Force will send fighter planes, fighter helicopters, assault helicopters, and cargo planes, and the Navy will send missile ships and other naval forces.

Parallel to the Cyprus exercise, the IDF will also hold unit exercises in Israel, with different battleground outlines, stretching the command and control abilities of the General Staff and intelligence, firing, and logistics to their limits in the management of multi-front battles.