Sara Netanyahu
Sara NetanyahuOlivier Fitoussi/Flash90

The prime minister's wife was evacuated to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital about two weeks ago after not feeling well, and the official announcements stated only that she had suffered from appendicitis.

Today, however, it was learned that Mrs. Netanyahu had been rushed to the hospital in serious condition with a threat to her life in those moments, and further delay in arrival at the hospital could have resulted in fatal consequences.

At the hospital, Netanyahu underwent a series of tests, and the professional and prompt diagnosis and treatment, along with the prayers, eventually led to her full recovery.

It should be noted that Prime Minister Netanyahu also hinted that this had not been a simple operation for appendicitis, but a much more complex medical event that could have ended differently.

"When it is discovered in time, it is a small operation, when it is discovered late - it is a real danger," Netanyahu noted in this context.

The Prime Minister's wife thanked G-d for her recovery during her visit to the Western Wall with her husband before the election.

In a note inserted between the stones of the Western Wall, she wrote, "For my family I ask for health and wellbeing - for my husband and my children Yair and Avner - and for myself, a speedy and complete recovery from surgery and a return to full life. With G-d's help, I ask for healing, health, and success in my endeavors, and I give thanks to the Creator of the Universe for my recovery from surgery."