Benny Gantz
Benny GantzYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Blue and White chairman and Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Monday spoke live on Facebook on the eve of the election, addressing the Israeli public and the parties in the bloc that do not support Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

"The State of Israel is in danger from an extremist group headed by a Prime Minister who seeks to erode the foundations of democracy. A Prime Minister who has been preventing a budget for three years, who lies, incites and endangers Israel's security. I never thought he would allow me to take my turn in the rotation - but I did not believe he would disband the government within a few months and would deprive Israeli citizens of a state budget as hundreds of thousands of unemployed flood the economy and businesses collapse," Gantz said.

He added, "We are in an election campaign in which there is no party running against Netanyahu - only a bloc that can prevent him from continuing his rule. I appeal to all party leaders in the bloc of change: Together we will survive – if we are not together we will fall apart. Netanyahu's plan is clear - either an extreme right-wing government or a fifth election. And the task of the parties in the bloc of change is to make sure that everyone passes [the electoral threshold] and we all come together after the election to stop him. And if we do not reach a decision and go to a fifth election because of the policy of disqualification and boycott - we, Blue and White, will continue to stand up to him and prevent him from destroying the justice system and democracy."

Gantz warned of what would happen if Netanyahu reaches the 61 supporters that would enable him to form a government. "To advance the retirement of an Attorney General, one only needs to vote in the government. To appoint another state attorney, one only has to put Ohana in the Ministry of Justice. Netanyahu's first move in such a government will not be transferring grants - but working to oust the Attorney General, State Attorney and Deputy State Attorney."

"Netanyahu is an untrustworthy man. A man who incites and talks about cases that collapse even before the court hearing. Intervenes in legal appointments when he has a serious conflict of interest. We took half the government from him, and now it's time together with our partners, to take the other half. I will not believe any promise from Netanyahu, and I currently hold half the government. I have no intention of converting 50% of the shares in the country, in order to become a junior partner that Bibi will get rid of at the first opportunity," Gantz concluded.