Netanyahuצילום: David Cohen/Flash90

After angering the haredi parties last week by trying to undercut them in favor of Religious Zionism chairman Smotrich, Prime Minister Netanyahu said today that haredi MKs were "loyal public servants who have achieved much in the past year."

"The campaign against haredi MKs is left-wing propaganda," he said in an interview with Kol Chai radio. "I have always defended the haredim, because the rabbis called for the observation of public health guidelines. If you buy the story about my attacking haredim, we will have a left-wing government. The haredi MKs have been loyal public servants, with great achievement in the past year."

Netanyahu said in an interview that, "I don't mind if citizens vote for the Likud, the other parties on the right, or the haredi parties. Religious Zionism must pass the threshold; nevertheless, anyone who votes for a haredi party now should continue to do so."

Regarding the Channel 20 interview he cancelled, Netanyahu said it would have conflicted with a conference at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem.

"I cancelled my interview to attend the Likud rally in the International Convention Center," said Netanyahu, before moving on to attack Yamina leader Naftali Bennett. "Bennett promised not to allow Lapid to become Prime Minister, but did not promise to avoid forming a government with him. Bennett is in cahoots with the left, and will remain so until he sees that the right has a majority."

Netanyahu was asked what portfolio he is ready to offer Bennett, but refused to answer. "I am not assigning portfolios as bribes. I will remain head of the economic forum, in the hope that businesses can receive the grants they deserve."

According to Netanyahu, "We are missing two seats for a full and stable right-wing government. If you are feeling frustrated by the current situation, go out and vote. We have the chance to make history this time."

Regarding what might happen if the right fails to reach a majority, the Prime Minister predicted: "Either another election, or a government of Meretz, (Labor chief) Michaeli and (Yesh Atid's) Lapid, which will fall quickly. They are against Holocaust Remembrance Day, while supporting putting IDF soldiers on trial, and disdaining Israel's heritage."