Benny Gantz and Ziv Shilon
Benny Gantz and Ziv ShilonElad Malka

Defense Minister and Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz on Sunday evening held a Zoom conference together with Capt. (Res.) Ziv Shilon, an entrepreneur and social activist, who was seriously wounded in an operation in the Gaza Strip in 2012.

Gantz replied to a question about the possibility of members of Blue and White defecting after the election.

"There are no defectors in Blue and White and we are all united under the goal of replacing Netanyahu. Just as it is with electronic cigarettes, there is smoke without fire," he said.

"I gave Netanyahu credit that he did not deserve during the most difficult period of the State of Israel to stop the chaos and he is unable to rise to the occasion because all he cares about is the cancellation of his trial. And I repeat: If we are not in the Knesset, he will try to fire the ministers of Blue and White, oust [Attorney General Avichai] Mandelblit, and bring in another state attorney. We will not be a partner to this conspiracy and we will do everything possible to prevent it from happening."

Regarding the investments that Netanyahu promises will come from the United Arab Emirates, Gantz said that "the Emirates and the Gulf states will invest in companies from which they will have a return. This is far from relevant. They are also waiting for the election campaign to end. Unfortunately Netanyahu, who wanted to be the first in these countries, did not let the ministers advance enough agreements. More agreements could have been signed. I hope we can harness the Gulf states to influence our relations with the Palestinians."