Moshe Bar Siman Tov
Moshe Bar Siman TovFlash90

Former Health Ministry Director General Moshe Bar Siman Tov told Yediot Aharonot that at least three questions about the coronavirus pandemic remain unanswered.

The first question, he said, is about the children: What will happen, and when they will be vaccinated, and what the potential for the virus spreading among them is.

"Meaning, how dangerous is this? Right now it seems okay. We don't see it spinning out of control among children, and that's good news," Bar Siman Tov said.

The second question, he explained, is how long the vaccine lasts, and if Israelis will need a booster shot; and the third is regarding new variants which may be resistant to the vaccine.

Regarding whether Israel will need additional lockdowns, Bar Siman Tov said: "The chance of that is significantly reduced, but it's still impossible to know. Coronavirus is putting us through humility school. It has allowed us to understand that a lot of things are unknown, that it will take time until we understand and know. Whoever is managing better right now is someone who does not rush to jump to conclusions and is always aware of dangers. Optimism is important, complacence is bad."

When asked whether teaching staff should be required to be vaccinated, he said: "I definitely would seriously consider that issue. Meaning, I would go for another stage of persuasion, another stage of incentives, maybe even financial. And at the end, make it a requirement as well. It's better not to go there, but we don't need to remove that tool from our arsenal. Because there might not be another option."