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I asked my 16-year-old grandson, a great maven of American politics in his own right: “What, in your opinion, had been President’s Obama most critical lapse?”, he looked ready, then offered me a whole list that did not seem like ending. I interrupted him; “you forgot that one, the one that shrieks into the night, the one we still keep paying for today, tomorrow and beyond, the worst one, “ I said, looking straight into his right eye.

He looked quizzical. I switched my gaze onto the left eye for effect. “It was Obama’s pick of his VP.” I explained. “Obama handed Biden an arresting stepping stone into the most momentous job in the world, the presidency of the US.” My little grandkid nodded in agreement, but was looking for more, so I went on. “Had Obama picked someone else, Biden would have moved into an senior-living grey type house rather than the White one.”

Have you ever watched the movie: “Being There” starring Peter sellers? Once you do, you’ll appreciate the similarity between Chance, the Gardner, and Joe, “the most consistent person,” Bob Gates (Bush’s and Obama’s former secretary of Defense) had come to know. “I think he's been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades," he had written.

Chance was incredibly ignorant, but his mindless remarks were interpreted as flashes of brilliance by those highbrows who uncovered fresh denotations in his nonsensical words. Similarly, Joe Biden is old. It’s not the number, 78, meriting that ‘old’ designation; it is the level of low energy and an accelerating degree of cognitive decline that has been turning increasingly evident as time goes by. And yes. These adverse traits are interpreted by many intellectuals as an unblemished display of wisdom and moderation.

“He is a moderate”. The chorus is harmonizing. “He is not as extreme as some of his colleagues.” Of course he is not. An old man like Joe Biden can’t be extreme. Extremism conveys a spectacle of high energy, a fighting disposition, not a fatigued, partially demented bearing. Joe’s circle of puppeteers must know the truth. They control him. They insist that it's better to let someone think you are an Idiot than to open your mouth and prove it. They try as hard as possible to have Biden avoid a teleprompter-free dialogue with the press, the public, the Congress, or anyone who might expose the sad truth concerning his physical and mental state of health, while doing it over a megaphone.

But he is there. He is the president. He keeps carrying the title, the façade. He was there during the presidential campaign. During the primaries he was surrounded by extremists who were disliked by many and by some hardly known aspirators. He was elected not by those who vouched for him, but rather by those who rejected everyone else. He won by default, only because he was there.

He was a former VP, a well-recognized person who merited none of the above characteristics. Following the presidential elections he was declared winner, and once again, many of those who voted for him characterized their vote as a vote against Trump rather than a vote for Biden. He got the job because he happened to be there. He was the only choice left for the anti-Trump camp. But he is not in charge. He is incapable of understanding the gravity of what he had been doing to obliterate the American way of life.

Since his inauguration he has created a serious crisis on the Southern border between the US and Mexico, where a flood of illegal immigrants, some of whom have been employed by the drug cartel; some of whom have been carriers and spreaders of the Corona virus; many of them have been unaccompanied children; some of them are gang members. Just ask the border police, the immigration personnel, the folks living next to the border. They will tell you how disastrous and desperate the situation is.

Since Joe Biden’s inauguration he took credit for Trump’s success in making the COVID vaccine available through “Operation Warp Speed” in an unprecedented time. The program promoted mass production of multiple vaccines, and different types of vaccine technologies, based on preliminary evidence, allowing for faster distribution if clinical trials confirm one of the vaccines is safe and effective. But Joe Biden (or more correctly—his speech writer) tried to take the credit for managing the COVID vaccine distribution as if he were responsible for overhauling the “catastrophic” state his predecessor had created.

Since he became president, Joe Biden has managed to devastate women’s sports by signing an Executive Order, allowing transgender former male athletes to compete against biological females and steal the glory away from them.

Since becoming President, Biden has impaired the US bidding for energy independence by cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline, eliminating thousands of jobs in the process.

Since his inauguration, Joe Biden has managed to affect a gross misrepresentation to the American political system by requiring non-citizens to be included in the census, and thus, affecting apportionment of congressional representatives, giving the Democrats an unwarranted advantage.

There is still time for Joe Biden to inflict more damage on the US and its allies by being soft on Iran, China, and Russia, cancelling some of Trump’s moves on the Iran Nuclear deal, on China’s trade agreements coupled with its aggressive military, espionage, expansionary policies. Indications are that these movements are about to transpire.

Let’s face it Biden’s presidency is not what America needs right now. Biden has become president only because he happened to be where everybody else was unacceptable to a large segment of the public. He appeared to represent an image of a leader who would bring together the dichotomously alienated public by rejecting extremism on either side. All those surrounding and competing with him either did not fit the image or were not as well known.

However, the image has been proved false. Biden has become an enabler for those extremists on the left side. His new job is way above his head. He is clearly controlled by others. His image of a unifying leader has been characterized by doing the exact opposite via an unprecedented sequence of executive orders. His legacy as president has been branded a “Cancel Culture”.

I am still optimistic. I hope that one day, even if it takes 4 more years, the damage done will be reversible, and a new, well-fit, president will assume the role of leader of the free world.